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About Timber Tents

We realised that many of the wooden structured products on offer were short of precise quality and seemed would not do the job well enough in the long term. So, we at Timber Tents investigated and then developed our own products. We now make bespoke wooden pods for sale in UK. We specialise in manufacturing camping pods, timber pods, wooden tent houses, log cabin tents, glamping pods in the UK. All our products are handmade, built to last and perform well in the UK climate. We also provide log cabin tents, log cabin homes and log cabin rentals throughout the UK.

Quality is everything for us. Our pods comprise hand-made double-glazed door and windows. We utilise superior quality materials, use robust construction techniques and deliver insulated as well as double skin construction facilities.

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Purchase Taff Tent from £ 7590

A flexible product option with a price starting from £7,590 and measuring 2.4m x 4.8m

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Our Products

Our product range comes in three diverse sizes and can be customized within flexible dimensions to fit your requirements. From an open interior to wired lighting, plumbing and fitted units, we can provide what you need to boost your enjoyment using these immense spaces.

towy tent


A much grander experience at 3.5m x 5.4m, priced from £11,550

teifi tent


The standard Timber Tent from £9,350 at 3m x 4.8m

taff tent


A cosy option with a price from £7,590 and measuring 2.4m x 4.8m

twarch tent


The most compact model starting from £5,390 and measuring 2.4m x .6m


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Standard Dimensions measured at 3m x 4.8m

As you can glimpse, they are built strong. Interior walls are given finishing with wood oil and floors are waterproof varnish. The exterior finished with a waterproof stain.

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Standard Dimensions measured at 3m x 4.8m

You can have added amenities comprising of power and plumbing options, electrical and running water options which increase comfort.

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